A Reagan Republican for U.S. Senate


I'm Beth Reye, Arizona born and bred with the same conservative conscience that has defined our state for generations.

After graduating from Johns Hopkins University with a PhD in neuroscience, I went to work at the National Institute of Health. Later, while living in Portland, Oregon, I turned my focus to cleaning up that city with a run for the state legislature. You can imagine the reception of a Libertarian Republican running on an anti-corruption platform in Portland! Antifa threatened me and my family but I took them on because the conscience of a conservative never backs down!

Soon after returning home to Arizona, I noticed a change in the conscience of our conservative state. Much of the same extremism I witnessed from the far-left in Portland, I now saw growing in my beloved party. My Republican Party stands for Reagan, Reason, and Responsibility. My concern is that the party of Reagan is drifting away from these roots of reason and responsibility into self-defeating denialism that plays into the hands of both our political and global competitors. When we abandon those roots, we lose both here and on the world stage. It’s time to return those roots of Reagan Republicanism back to the party. This is why I am running.

As the mother of three children, my prayer is for them to grow up in a country that believes in conservative values and compassionate hearts. And I want them to grow up believing, as Reagan believed, that our best days are yet to come.