A Reagan Republican for U.S. Senate

Does Kari Really Care About Abortion?

Wannabe Senator’s Breakneck About-Face on Abortion Ban Suggests She Does Not

For Immediate Release: April 10, 2024

Paradise Valley–Beth Reye, Republican candidate for United States Senate from Arizona, released the following statement regarding Kari Lake’s head-spinning about-face in the wake of the Arizona Supreme Court’s upholding of the 1864 abortion ban.

“According to Kari Lake she has gone from being ‘thrilled’ to seeing this ‘great law’ reinstated in 2022, to now, with great bravado, decreeing that the actual Governor of the state does everything in her power to undo it.

“It is difficult to imagine an actual human having such a grand change of heart on an issue of such gravity over such a short period of time. I think she would be doing us all a great service if she could elaborate on whatever epiphany brought her to this revelation.

“Or, we can ask ourselves an important question. Does Kari Lake even care either way? Does this issue hold any importance to her at all? I think it is fair to say that it does not. No one who actually cares about abortion, for or against, could just change their position at the drop of a hat (or a poll). And if there is one thing those with sincere beliefs for or against, can agree on, it’s that Kari Lake’s amoral game of abortion ping pong insults us all.

“And lastly, as a mother of two daughters and a son, I know the significance of this issue on a personal level. Meanwhile, Kari Lake, who continues to insist that she is the only mother in this race with the same tone as she insists she is governor of the state, can’t even tell the truth about that.

“If Kari Lake lies about being the only mother in this race, just what won’t she lie about.”


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