A Reagan Republican for U.S. Senate

Reye, as in Freedom and Democracy

Ronald Reagan described the peaceful transfer of power as nothing short of a miracle. To believe this means to view the violation of our Capitol on January 6th as nothing short of a sacrilege.
Lying is not leadership. Sometimes the truth hurts, but we channel that pain into becoming better. And then when we win, we are better for it. We all know this. Let’s all start living with that truth, again, so we can truly make America great, again.
We are a nation of laws, not men. And being Reagan Republicans who believe in reason and responsibility, we must be willing to call out our own in politics and the media (as well as on the left) when they attempt to undermine our adherence to self-governance and the nearly 250 years of success our nation has experienced as a result of it.
For those like my opponents who desire a so-called strong-man type for America, I say nothing is stronger than the United States Constitution. It has our back, and we must have its.

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