A Reagan Republican for U.S. Senate

Second Amendment Protections and Responsibility

Feel free to ask me how many guns I own. I’ve been shooting with my dad since I was a little girl and no daughter of his would be anything but 100% Pro-Second Amendment.
Still, no daughter of my father would deny that it is we, the gun owners, who should be on the front lines to ensure that weapons do not fall into the wrong hands. With great power comes great responsibility. I believe, again, through over-politicization, we have missed opportunities to quiet the maximalized voices on the left while giving oxygen to calls for gun bans. The Constitution gives the right to bear arms, but as the party of reason and responsibility, it is up to us to lead on how to balance that right with the safety of our children.
How about we stop feigning ignorance and step up to this challenge? That’s how rights are truly protected.

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