A Reagan Republican for U.S. Senate

Protecting Mothers and the Unborn

In a letter to Peanuts creator Charles M Schulz, of all people, President Reagan made clear his commitment to the life of unborn children but also in his belief that every mother has a basic right of self-defense to seek an abortion if her life or health is at stake. Few have put it so plainly.
I believe this issue has, much like immigration, been exploited by both sides for political gain. Forcing everyone into maximalist corners leaves little room to get to a humane solution that respects all perspectives.
Meanwhile, leaving it to the states is proving disastrous. No pregnant woman should be afraid to drive through a state or a county for fear of being stopped and harassed as to where they are going and why. We should all be able to agree on that!
I am in support of federal legislation that would guarantee women abortion access with the restrictions and exceptions supported by the vast majority of Americans, who, like Reagan, have searched their souls too. No mother should endure an unviable pregnancy or have to wait until they are suffering fatal complications before gaining access to this procedure. And no one should be forced to carry a child resulting from rape or incest, especially little girls brutally raped by family members. I’m Beth Reye, Arizona born and bred with the same conservative conscience that has defined our state for generations.

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